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Grupa NGL


Grupa NGL was created to provide clients with comprehensive solutions to often complex business issues. Only a multi-disciplinary approach makes this possible. Encompassing innovative ideas, implementation, reporting and improvement, we help organisations achieve their goals in the most effective way possible.

Grupa NGL offers legal and tax advice, business consulting and business support, as well as knowledge management, training and publishing services.




The strengh of synergy



Grupa NGL was born out of an increasing client demand for a service going beyond traditional legal advice to also include strategic business consulting, problem-solving, operational support and optimisation, as well as training and knowledge management.

The group structure allows us to combine diverse disciplines into integrated teams and offer tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our guiding principle is quality of service and this is the key to everything we do.



In order to meet our client expectations, we have established four companies:

Legal advice

Tax advice

Operation and business support services

Strategic and business consultancy

Environment for scate ups and start ups

Hybrid Expert Network

Benefit from practitioners


Our hybrid approach integrates the best of human-centered strategic thinking, problem-solving and planning.

We have built an inter-disciplinary network
of highly respected scholars and business practitioners, including lawyers, professors, engineers, strategists, industry experts, government experts, and many more.

All four companies in Grupa NGL have their own network of specialists in their given area.

When a client presents us with a specific case, we ensure that only the best and most appropriate specialists are assigned to it.




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